First attempt: failure or success?

My husband and one of my daughters have freezing cold feet.  Even in the Summer, they complain of cold feet.  They agreed to let me try my first attempt in healing on them.  They both agreed.

For my husband, I prayed over his calves, and could feel with my hands where the warm stopped and the cold started, meaning there is a blockage.  I messaged him calves and his feet until my hands and his feet were warming up.  We then soaked his feet in a paraphin bath and put them in warming booties.  His feet stayed warm for 4 days.

A couple days later while studying from other healers, I realized, I had just done nothing more than a message therapist or physical therapist might have done.  Not as much God’s healing than me doing phusical labor to accomplish what we did.  It worked, that is true, temporarily.

I did the same with my daughter, and she said she felt the same, with no improvement.

In studying these other healers and watching their videos, a few admitted it took 1000 or more times of trying before anything happened.  Does the Lord want to see if I am serious? Does He want practice?  Does He just have His own timing?  There truly is a lot for me to learn, maybe I am not ready.


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