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The Lord works in the weirdest ways

I have been going to church with my son lately.  He is 17, and autistic, like me, and someone had invited him to youth group.  He later invited me to come to church with him.  It is a nondenominational church.  I was baptized Pentecostal but nondenominational is fine with me too.  We have been going for a couple months now.

My son meandered off to the youth service and I stayed at the main service.  The pastor hit on something that truly caught my attention.  He spoke of his mother having a friend who could speak in a prayer tongue, he called it ‘charismatic”.  Many people think of Pentecostals as people who fake speaking in tongues, or handle rattle snakes to prove God will protect them.  Those types might call themselves Pentecostal, and I am no one to judge, but they would be on the outskirts at best.  Back to the Pastor and his mother. She wanted very badly to be able to do this.  She prayed and prayed, but no change.  Her daughter went to a woman’s conference and it happened to her, and she called home to ask her mother if it was ok.  Her mother couldn’t understanding why she had prayed and prayed but it was given to her daughter.  She was disappointed.  But one day, it was given to her (minus a few details).

After the sermon, I stopped and spoke to the Pastor.  I told him how his sermon had touched on something deep for me.  I explained what was going on with me, and how I was learning to be a light healer.  His eyes got big.  It turns out that as the lead pastor, they were wanting to bring in the Biblical parts of Pentacost, and utilize it in the church.  This was the moment that Jesus taught His disciples to actually use the powers He had told them that He would leave for them.  

The Pastor told me that they had started a weekly class on Wednesday nights to discuss this and other topics, but wanted me to come and participate in all the discussions.  It seems we all have a lot to learn.  But what church wouldn’t want to be able to at least ease the suffering of people?  I got the book and I am a week behind, so I have a little catching up to do. 

When things line up in such a way, I become more sure of what I am doing is right.
But to make things more peculiar, this morning I got an email from a metaphysical store that on Saturday, a Reiki Master teacher would be teaching light healing, and do readings on the participants.  I immediately got my husbands approval (it isn’t free), and signed up.  I am so incredibly excited!  I will post on what wonderful things happen at this seminar.  


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