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The Lord works in the weirdest ways

I have been going to church with my son lately.  He is 17, and autistic, like me, and someone had invited him to youth group.  He later invited me to come to church with him.  It is a nondenominational church.  I was baptized Pentecostal but nondenominational is fine with me too.  We have been going for a couple months now.

My son meandered off to the youth service and I stayed at the main service.  The pastor hit on something that truly caught my attention.  He spoke of his mother having a friend who could speak in a prayer tongue, he called it ‘charismatic”.  Many people think of Pentecostals as people who fake speaking in tongues, or handle rattle snakes to prove God will protect them.  Those types might call themselves Pentecostal, and I am no one to judge, but they would be on the outskirts at best.  Back to the Pastor and his mother. She wanted very badly to be able to do this.  She prayed and prayed, but no change.  Her daughter went to a woman’s conference and it happened to her, and she called home to ask her mother if it was ok.  Her mother couldn’t understanding why she had prayed and prayed but it was given to her daughter.  She was disappointed.  But one day, it was given to her (minus a few details).

After the sermon, I stopped and spoke to the Pastor.  I told him how his sermon had touched on something deep for me.  I explained what was going on with me, and how I was learning to be a light healer.  His eyes got big.  It turns out that as the lead pastor, they were wanting to bring in the Biblical parts of Pentacost, and utilize it in the church.  This was the moment that Jesus taught His disciples to actually use the powers He had told them that He would leave for them.  

The Pastor told me that they had started a weekly class on Wednesday nights to discuss this and other topics, but wanted me to come and participate in all the discussions.  It seems we all have a lot to learn.  But what church wouldn’t want to be able to at least ease the suffering of people?  I got the book and I am a week behind, so I have a little catching up to do. 

When things line up in such a way, I become more sure of what I am doing is right.
But to make things more peculiar, this morning I got an email from a metaphysical store that on Saturday, a Reiki Master teacher would be teaching light healing, and do readings on the participants.  I immediately got my husbands approval (it isn’t free), and signed up.  I am so incredibly excited!  I will post on what wonderful things happen at this seminar.  

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So new at this, I don’t even have a name yet

I have always had a feeling that I had a calling to be a healer.  Being a busy mother of 5, I ignored it, or thought about it when God would whisper it in my ear.  I know nothing about healing.  I was a high school Algebra teacher….God what are you thinking?

Recently, I went through a long 6 month illness.  And to be perfecrly honest it was a mental illness.  I have a panic disorder, for 26 years, and then it blows, it blows like a volcano.  I cannot eat, or barely get out of bed.  I actually have fear for my feet to hit the floor.  With two kids still at home and a husband that works full time, this was a problem.  Everyone pitched in.  Then, to add misery to mayhem, the family caught a mild case of mono, but left us all exhausted.  

I went from doctor to doctor, as I do when my panic disorder goes into full crisis mode.  I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole and am grabbing for muddy walls to climb out.  I read and research and become OCD looking for a cure.  There is none.  I even had DNA testing just to find if there was a medication that could help me, but unfortunately , I do not react well to most medications.

Before the storm started God told me that something big was coming and it was good.  Many large things happened in that time, but none of it felt like it was good, including making an offer on a house and then dropping out after the inspection.  And I could not seem to get healthy.  I was losing weight.  I was praying, and having people pray over me, but still weekly hospital visits for dehydration was becoming a norm.  

Then God told me, that I would not be healed by Him in a miracle, and boom it is gone…..He would help me, but I had to pull myself out.  He needed me to do the work.  There were lessons to be learned here.

As I started to feel better, mainly due to hypnosis, that I thought wouldn’t work, but I have an open mind. I had no idea how to heal anyone.  I still dont, let’s be honest.  This is the journey of learning but I know I will get there.   I started by going to a local shop that dealt in all the metaphysical items.  A sales woman (who I found out later had a Masters in Psychology) spent an hour and a half answering my questions.

I went back to the hypnotist and she spent an extra half hour discussing “how do you know, and where do you start?”  She told me that it will be overwhelming, but I will get through it all.  She also told me that my base, and heart chakras were not doing well, and blocked…..didn’t know much about chakras either.  I found the internet to be a hodgepodge of some good and lots of useless information, along with arguments over whether it is Christian or not.  

Friends, yoga teachers, to be specific, recommended books, and yogas that would help.  That seemed like the best place to start.  

So this is the very uneducated beginning of my journey of light (divine) healing. I also will be making weighted blankets for people with anxiety and autism as a charity, becuase both my son and I are autistic. Please follow me along, and subscribe.